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Discover and explore real chances to change your life and how you feel about it in a framework that will help you make it happen

Feeling truly alive means seeking out and experiencing the new and unknown. When something sparks and you are able to act on your intuition about what direction to take in your life, you bring about sea change, a fresh and constantly changing set of possibilities for your life.

We all instinctively know when it's time for a change - though we sometimes ignore the signs. Maybe it's just the feeling of being in a rut, or perhaps you have a dream that's going unfulfilled.

Stepping Into the Unknown is Scary
But even if you're not really happy where you are, stepping into the unknown can be scary. Thoughts like I've always wanted to… or I'm sick of … are signals, but they can only take you so far.

Possibly you dare not acknowledge it even by thinking the words, "Something needs to change," because of the even scarier thought that will follow it - "What do I do?" It can be easier to live with a diffuse feeling of silent dissatisfaction than to leave the safety of silence and face the logical next step.

Take a first step -- and a next step
Transcending your fear and uncovering an array of "next steps" is what constructive conversations are all about. In a series of conversations structured to your unique concerns, we will explore what sea change is for you and how to set its power in motion in your life.

Sea Change is also available as a workshop.

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