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Create an atmosphere of élan at your workplace, an environment where employees bring the best of themselves to bear on the important work of your company. 

For a detailed listing of employee and management workshops, as well as the Self Development Place context and philosophy of employee development, please download the following documents:

The Inner Employee - a new angle on employee development

Bouncing Back - the cost of depression in the workplace

The Self Development Place offers several signature workshops – as well as the opportunity to customize your own single-session or multi-session series from professional development topics.  

Signature Workshops

Manager Seminar: The Resilient Team -- management that builds optimism

When managers foster an environment of optimism, support employees in experiencing a comfortable feeling of being up to the challenge, and convey a sense of hope and possiblity, employees are able to be more creative, adapt more readily to change, go "outside their comfort zones" and be more productive.

Employee Seminar: Bouncing Back-- building resilience

Whether it's a chronic case of the blues or a major low, you can't will a depression away.  If that were possible, there wouldn't be so many people feeling so blue.  Medication can help, but rarely is it enough, because it doesn't get to the bottom of the depression.   

And that's a huge problem in the workplace.  It's been estimated that depression accounts for an estimated $43.7 billion in absenteeism, lost productivity and treatment costs! [Mental Health America]  So it makes good sense to provide employees with the compassionate understanding and tools they need to address it. 

This seminar is designed to help employees understand depression – theirs or someone else's – and to begin to see a way to move past it.  Instead of fighting the symptoms, we'll talk about turning off the power to the causes.  Instead of battling depression, we'll talk about approaches that allow it to simply dissolve. 

Download Bouncing Back - the cost of depression in the workplace

What's Stopping You!

Procrastination stops some of the most talented people from accomplishing, sometimes because they're afraid they won't achieve the high standards they've set for themselves, sometimes because they're afraid of success.  What's Stopping You is a two-part workshop with real kick! 

Day 1: Understand & Plan  -- Together we'll explore barriers to completing (or even starting) projects that truly are important to each participant.  Next, they'll choose the one(s) they'd like to tackle first and create a plan.   

Day 2: Power HoursPut those plans into action!  From their own locations, participants call in via bridgeline at the beginning of each hour, declare what they'll complete in the next hour, and it's READY, SET, GO!  Then report back at the end of the hour. The Power Hour is a proven strategy for getting it done!  Group members can participate for a single hour -- or for the entire day.  They'll experience momentum by participating in even one Power Hour during the day. 

Reflections of You — your personal definition of success  

For some, success is money and power; for others it is defined in terms of relationships and other less tangible factors. Using a simple formula, participants will have the opportunity to create a personal definition of success that will immediately begin to drive their decisions.  A potent tool that will help them balance competing demands and set priorities to manage the rush of daily life.  

Creating Sea Change in Your Life  

Designed to help employees get ready to step into a major change or challenge –

"Sea change" signifies a profound transformation. 

  • It's the powerful shift that occurs when an employee takes the risk of sharing an intuition
  • It's the change in your energy that occurs when a staff member has the courage to turn down a request – and maintain the boundaries necessary for your firm to function optimally.
  • It's the world that opens up when a valued employee has the courage to stretch and take on a major challenge
Following that energy, like traveling a path where you can only see the next three feet in front of you, creates sea change.  

And that's what Sea Change is about – an opportunity to discover and explore the possibilities for major shifts in participants' lives -- in a framework that will help them make it happen.

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