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Employee turnover is expensive both in dollars and in morale.

Recruiting the right employees and orienting them to the organization and to their new responsibilities is expensive. It's hard on the morale of remaining staff to have to continuously adjust to terminations and new hires. There's no doubt that it pays to develop rather than replace the employees you've got. Professional Development Coaching aids in retention in several ways.

Coaching is a cost effective way to develop and retain staff.

Coaching is a perk for top performers who are already committed to ongoing learning. For employees with potential, a coaching relationship can provide objective mentoring to help them develop the competencies they need in order to advance. And, for employees at risk, coaching can help them balance work with complicated personal challenges and develop key skills that are crucial to their effectiveness.

"We value you!"

Offering coaching conveys the message to employees that they are valued. Not only does your organization benefit with improved retention, but, in addition, these seasoned employees gain both skills and new energy from the coaching opportunity. It's the epitome of a "Win-Win!"

Customized coaching plans are available –

  • For individual managers and staff
  • For groups. Group coaching is highly effective both with work teams and with peer groups who do not work together in the same department.
  • For mini-retreats

Learn more about Success Factors, the building blocks of customized coaching plans at The Self Development Place.

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