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Fran Hendrick, PCC

Fran Hendrick, PCC
Professional clinical counselor and personal development coach specializing in self development across the life cycle

With over twenty years of diverse management and therapeutic experience, Fran Hendrick's degrees include a Master's of Education in Counseling with Clinical Endorsement, and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation. In addition, she holds certification in the use of psychologist Martin Seligman’s highly researched compendium of strategies for helping people increase their satisfaction with both their work and their lives. Fran is a member of both the American Counseling Association and the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Whether developing professionally or personally, as a parent, an employee or a manager, a focus on self development facilitates the process. The opportunity for full and authentic self-expression alleviates anxiety, unhappiness at work, feeling "stuck", depression and a host of other problems, thereby freeing people to be at their creative, vibrant best. By fully defining and appreciating themselves, people are naturally empowered to release their unique gifts and dreams into their work and relationships, and to achieve joy and flow in their lives.

The capacity to enjoy life, experience fulfillment, work with energy and creativity, and enter into deeply meaningful relationships comes from a core sense of adequacy, the belief that "I am enough." In both therapy and coaching, Fran works with clients to achieve this and apply it across all areas of their lives. Her work includes providing therapy for adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, a sense of "is this all there is" – sometimes triggered by a crisis or major life change. By strengthening their core self, clients are able to move through disruptions in their lives, manage feelings of self- doubt that lead to anxiety and depression and find creative solutions.

Throughout her career, Fran has worked extensively with children and parents, both directly and in program management. She has served as an activity therapist using games and activities to help children manage their emotions and develop social skills; a behavior management specialist helping parents understand and work with children's challenging behaviors; as a therapist helping people learn about themselves and navigate life's challenges; as a parenting columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer; and as a parent coach. As the parent of two young adults, she’s had the opportunity to have her ideas and skills tested. 

Approaching her work with clients from a framework of self-psychology and positive psychology, Fran applies this theoretical foundation to enhance the lives of people who, already living well, are striving for even greater personal development and enjoyment of life. Engaging in a creative process, whether writing, art – or creating a space – naturally serves to enhance clients' insight into the self that lies beneath the surface. Creating an ideal space, a space that reflects who one is, who one wishes to be; where one has been, and what one values, is a powerful way for the self to manifest and grow. In both her personal and professional life, Fran has engaged, time and again, in the intensive process of first envisioning and then creating new environments, each manifesting particular aspects of self. In addition to her counseling and coaching practice, Fran designs and builds miniature glass conservatories, each a unique self-contained environment in glass.

Self Development in the Workplace

By applying a powerful blend of counseling, coaching, and management expertise, Fran supports organizations in helping their employees develop as leaders and achieve peak performance. For employers, this adds up to high morale and optimal productivity, and maximizes retention of valuable employees. Areas of specialization in leadership development include:
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Resilience skills
  • Establishing a work environment that fosters individual inspiration, creativity, risk-taking, productivity, resilience and retention of valued staff
  • Building effective teams by seeking out diversity
An experienced manager of teams highly diverse in terms of education, race and culture, Fran works skillfully with team members helping them to both connect with their core sense of self and to apply it powerfully within their work.

A Little About Style

Coaching quite simply transforms lives. The issues are serious, but that doesn’t mean the experience has to be heavy!

Far from it! Often the most productive work is playful and highly creative! We work intensively – but lightly and with humor. Our conversations are frank and authentic. We apply every ounce of energy and focus as we partner, but we laugh, too.

Facing difficult realities in the process of making major life changes is sometimes painful, but it’s less overwhelming with the focused presence of a coach who never loses touch with the strength and potential behind the pain. By maintaining a learning orientation, clients are able to take away new insights from past challenges and become increasingly capable as a result.

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