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Bringing the best of your self into your work takes insight and planning – and it's a goal that you can attain. The process isn't a mystery – but it's a whole lot easier with a coach who can guide you, challenge you, and serve as a sounding board for you.

In the short term, you can learn Success Factors you need to get the most from where you are right now, while you design the working life you want for the long term.


  1. Expand your identity.

    Changing your professional life begins with enlarging your view of your own potential. Seeking success? Inquire within!

  2. Eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back.

    Constructive conversations help you ask the right questions to free yourself of these barriers to growth.

  3. Discover effective tools and strategies that will naturally create the results you want.

    With the right pieces in place, your success stops being a pipe dream, and becomes an expectable result.

Choose your own Success!
Your Personal Power: a force to be reckoned with!
Bring your self to work!
Take inventory of your intangible assets

Choose your own Success!

"Success" is an overworked word if ever there was one. There are entire industries dedicated to telling you what success is supposed to be, what it is supposed to look like, what it is supposed to feel like, and how to modify yourself to fit those molds.

But success doesn't come from meeting other people's indicators. It comes from the knowledge that you are moving in a direction, professionally and personally, that has meaning for you. When you bring your energy, your self, and your uniqueness to your work, you have already begun to lay a sound foundation for a form of success that means something to you.

Your Personal Power:
a force to be reckoned with!

When you have a restless sense that you're ready to do more, be more, handle more, it's frustrating not to be moving forward. Investing the time to identify and appreciate your own strengths and abilities will connect you with a strong feeling of personal power. Suddenly you'll see a bigger picture, an ever-evolving snapshot of yourself in increasingly complex and exciting roles. Reflexively, you'll begin to make it happen.

When you see yourself differently, others will begin to respond to you differently.

When you feel your own power, others will feel it, too.

Bring your self to work!

Remember "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day?"

Unfortunately, for many people, going to work means leaving their selves at home. That means that at least one-third of their waking hours are spent suppressing their individuality with the belief that this is the price of success. That's a profound message to be telegraphing to our daughters!

But, does professional success hinge on creating a false persona?

And, if it does, is this success at all?

Take inventory of your intangible assets!

Everybody knows that the key to making something sell is distinctiveness; that is, pointing out what a particular product or service has that other similar products and services don't have. The same holds true with people. Lots of people have MBA's, MCSE's, MD's, or JD's. Lots of people know how to draft a contract or put together a marketing plan. But none of those people is you.

Our work will uncover what you can do and be -- that other people can't and aren't.

Once you recognize these things, you can begin to trade on them in order to achieve success as you define it. It is your uniqueness that makes you memorable at all the right times and with all the right people.

Professional development goes beyond the raw technical skills needed to perform the specific tasks in your job description. In order to develop professionally in a way that increases your overall happiness and effectiveness, you need to be able to do, see, and feel more. You need to be able to think in terms of what will move you forward, in addition to what will move your company or your client forward.

Our work together will help you learn and see how the person you are can get you to the place you want to be.

Welcome! I look forward to working with you.

Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.

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